Email from a Parent

Email received 6.29.11 Subject: Fellow Mom Thanks You
Hi Marly,
I just finished your inspiring book about Cody. I couldn’t put it down! My  friend from MN sent it to me by mail a few weeks ago and I finally found some  time late last week to pick it up. Our 4-year-old daughter has Spina Bifida  (Myelo) and I was fascinated not only by Cody’s resilience and joy of life, but  also by your natural instincts as her mother at a time when there wasn’t as much  information and acceptance as we now enjoy. Thanks to pioneers like Cody and  you, I am now able to research and connect with others to figure out how to wind  our way through this ever-changing maze. I’ve felt like we have been “on the  job” training since we found out at my 20-week ultrasound and you reminded me  once again to slow down and enjoy the special moments in every day. Your stories  about Cody truly resonated with me because I could see some of [my daughter’s]  characteristics in your descriptions of her personality and emotions. And I’m so  hopeful about our future together because you allowed me a precious glimpse into  your lives as Cody grew up. This was perhaps the most touching part for me as  the mom of a young child. Just reading how you both faced and overcame those  many challenges gives me added courage. I sometimes feel acutely aware of time  marching on when my instincts are telling me something just isn’t right. A small  part of me wants to slow it down so I can enjoy just a little more time before  the next crisis occurs. But inevitably, the crisis does arrive and we somehow  pick our way through and try to get back to “normal” as soon as possible.
On behalf of my family, thank you a thousand times over! I plan to read this  book again and again when I need a good example to follow. I plan to purchase  several copies to pass along to others!
God Bless You, Marly. I’m SURE Cody is smiling and dancing in Heaven!
With kind regards,
Joanne [last name deleted per request]
Chesterfield MI

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