Midwest Book Award Winner!

Last night at the 22nd Midwest Book Awards celebration, The Able Life of Cody Jane was a winner! The sponsor of the awards, Midwest Independent Publishers Association (MIPA), provided the judges comment sheets to the publishers and authors.
Here are comments made about The Able Life of Cody Jane by this year’s judges:

“This is a fabulous book about a uniquely abled child growing to a young woman. She dealt with many medical challenges and lived with gusto. Inspiring and never maudlin.”

“A rewarding read. A heartwarming story of courage, humor, and strength on the part of both mother and daughter. The topic is one that humanity longs to see–overcoming adversity and living to the fullest. She was a young heroine and the writer conveyed that with humor.”

“Excellent writing! It was hard to put this book down–it kept me up really late one night–excellent!”

“Very descriptive without being boring–events were presented in an interesting and compelling way.”

“Always optimistic, never victim oriented. This is a marvelous book that touched my heart! Thanks to the author for writing it. It inspires me to look past my difficulties and live fully.”

“A well-written and inspiring story!”


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